There are three printers that any member of the College can use; two are in the Library computer rooms and one is in the Porters' Lodge. Printing is charged at 4p per page for black and white printing and 10p per page for colour. Every student has an annual printing allowance (£6 for undergraduates and £12 for graduates); once you have used up your allowance you can continue printing until you reach the negative account limit of £50. Negative printing balances will be charged to your battels termly.

You can print from one of the student shared computers (in the Library or Clore Graduate Centre) or by using the web printing service at

The printers use a shared printing queue: send your document to the queue (for web print there are separate queues for single-sided or colour printing) and then go to your chosen printer and use your University card to tap on the card reader (you may need to tap twice if the printer is in low power mode) and release your stored document.

The printer in the Porters' Lodge and the larger Library printer can also photocopy or scan documents. Copying is charged at the same rate as printing, and scanning is free.

See our full Printing Guide to find out more about the College's printing services.