Accommodation for Returning Students

The JCR Ballot

Returning undergraduates are given the opportunity to choose their room for the following year through the JCR Room Ballot. The Ballot is managed by the JCR, Academic Office and Bursary. 

The Ballot is a great opportunity to choose where you want to live and who you want to live with, so make sure you think carefully about your choice.

room ballot


The MCR Ballot

Although the College is not able to guarantee any accommodation for returning graduates, except for some LMH scholars and members of the MCR Executive Committee, we do make room offers to returning students subject to availability. If you are interested in living in College and would like to be considered should any rooms become available, then you will be invited to take part in the MCR Room Ballot. Once all of the information has been collated names are drawn randomly to create a waiting list and you will be informed of your position on that list. Please be aware that we continue to make rooms offers throughout the summer and vacancies may not arise until September. 



If you are choosing to live-out or need to look for accommodation outside of College then the Oxford SU Student Advice Service is a great place to start Their Living-out Guide provides lots of useful information about how and where to start your search, the processes you can expect and top tips to look out for. You can also drop-in to the LMH Bursary at any time if you want to talk to our accommodation team.