Battels and Charges

What are battels?

Battels is a collective term for all financial awards and charges applied to your College Account throughout their period of study at LMH.  This Account is referred to as your Battels Account and is identified by a Battels Account Number (BAN) which begins “S000” followed by 4 digits.  This number is your unique identifier and should be quoted on all payments.

You can view your battels on the LMH Intranet using your SSO and should check your account regularly to see if you have any charges due for payment. A reminder email will be sent when battels are due and notices will appear on the screens around College, so please look out for them. Failure to pay battels on time can result in charges being applied to your account.

Fees and Accommodation are the main regular charges that are applied to a student’s battels account; however there are a wide range of charges and credits that can be made on a student’s account, see the table below.

If your Battels Accounts is showing a negative balance, this means you are in credit and do not owe any money.  If you wish the credit moved to your bank account please refer to “Scholarships” in the table below and follow the same procedure.



Tuition Fees, are added to your battels at the start of the Academic Year. If you are a new student at LMH then you can expect to receive an invoice by email, but for returning students these will simply appear on your battels. Fees are always paid in full and due by Friday of 1st week.

If you are an undergraduate student and are receiving a loan for your fees from the Student Loans Company (SLC), then no charge will appear on your battels as SLC pays the University directly.  In Michaelmas Term of each year, you need to actively enrol before the University will advise the SLC to release your funds.  If you are a returning student you need to enrol through Student Self Registration, new students will enrol through the Academic Office on arrival.

If you are on a Student Loan, but the Tuition Fees appear on your battels, this will mean we have not had confirmation of your student loan at this time.  Please contact the SLC to establish the reason for the delay.

If you are a Visiting Student, in many cases there are special arrangements in place with your home institution regarding the payment of your tuition fees (and in some cases accommodation charges). Please consult the Visiting Student Administrator ( if you are unsure about your fees arrangements.



All Accommodation charges and payment schedules are detailed on your accommodation agreement and will show on your battels account.  You will not receive a separate invoice for these charges. Please see Payments and Deadlines for more information.

Undergraduate Rents

Annual charge: £5,161.50

Payable in 3 equal installments of £1,720.50

Vacation residence: £27.75 per night

Graduate Rents

Grade A+ room: £170.40 per week

Grade A room: £146.10 per week

Grade B room: £132.55 per week

Grade C room: £121.20 per week

St Clements: £182 per week


Other Battels

Battel charge


Academic Development Fund (ALF), College Life Fund (CLF) and Hardship (HDS) Awards

Application for these Funds are invited in 1st week of each term (see Financial Support) by the Academic Registrar.  IF you are made an award the credit will appear on your battels.  To request transfer to your bank account please send an email to the Student Finance Manager together with your bank account details.


Accommodation invoices are only raised once you have checked into your room.  These will appear on your battels during 0th week and are due by 1st week payment deadline

Armorel Travel Award

The JCR are responsible for administering these awards (see Financial Support).  They will appear on your battels at the end of HT. To request transfer to your bank account please send an email to the Student Finance Manager together with your bank account details.

Breach of Accommodation Agreement Charges

Residents are expected to vacate their rooms promptly by 1pm at the end of 8th week (for undergraduates), or other agreed period of residence, and to leave their rooms in a clean and tidy state and clear of belongings. If you fail to do so and our teams have to spend additional time cleaning your room, tracking your movements and rearranging other accommodation bookings then additional charges may be imposed. A charge is also applicable for lost keys, in order to cover the reasonable costs of replacement.


Where damage or loss occurs at the College and it is not possible for the College to ascertain who is at fault, you may be asked to pay a fair and reasonable proportion of the cost of repairing the damage or reinstating the loss. You will also be charged for the cost of repairing any damage that you have directly caused to your room beyond reasonable wear and tear, using your room inventory as a record of its condition throughout the year.


Fees are charged in full at the beginning of each Academic Year.  If you are on a Graduate Student Loan you can pay your Tuition Fees in 3 equal Termly instalments without special arrangement.  All other Payment plans need to be agreed through the Student Finance Manager. (see Payment and Deadlines)

Fines (Deans Fines etc.)

Fines from The Dean are serious and need to be paid within 1 week.

JCR Lotteries

JCR Charities

The JCR will run Charity events during the year and these will be batteled to your account.  Any problems arising with these charges should be addressed to the JCR Treasurer.

Library Fines

Library fines will appear on your battels at the end of 7th week of each term.  Prior to this you will have received numerous reminder emails from the Librarian and any queries should be directed to him.

Lost / Replacement Keys

These will be charged to your battels on instruction from the Lodge.  Please email them with any queries.

MCR Subscriptions

The MCR charge an annual subscription to ALL graduate students for Membership of the Middle Common Room (MCR).  4th year UG Students and Clinical medics can request to join the MCR by contacting the MCR President.  Any problems arising from MCR charges should be addressed to the MCR Treasurer.

Medical Charges

The nurse will discuss these charges with you before they are applied to your battels.  For any queries regarding medical charges please contact the Nurse.

Printing Charges

Printing charges will appear on your battels at the end of 7th week.  If you run out of credit prior to 7th week please email the Student Finance Manager to reset your balance.


Scholarships will be credited to your battels at the beginning of the Academic Year.  You can get the funds transferred to your bank account by sending a request to the Student Finance Manager including your bank account details.  Payment of Scholarships will be at 1/3 per term less any battels owing.

Vacation Residence

These charges will appear on your battels during the holidays and become due in 1st week.  Any queries regarding Vac Res should be addressed to the Accommodation Manager.