Connecting to the Network

Connecting to the Network

The college provides an Ethernet port in every bedroom for a wired network connection and wireless connection is available throughout the College (although there are still a few wireless blackspots which we are working to remove).  You will see a number of wireless networks being broadcast in the College, but you should use the Eduroam network (which is University wide and also available in many other higher education institutions across the world).

To connect to the wired or wireless networks at Lady Margaret Hall you will need a Remote Access Password. This is NOT the same as your Single Sign On (SSO) password that you use for accessing Oxford University emails.

If you have not setup your remote access password (or have forgotten what it is) then you will need to visit Log in to the site using your SSO username and password, click on the 'Continue to IT Services Registration Services' button and you will be taken to the self-registration home page. Near the top of the page will be a link to 'Set up a Remote Access Account' or, if you have already set up Remote Access, then the link will be 'Change a Remote Access password'. Follow the instructions on the next page carefully to create/reset your password.

It is usually best to use the Eduroam configurator to set the network settings for Eduroam wifi. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by the University here:

Connecting Printers or other devices

Due to the authentication method provided by the University, it is not possible to add wireless printers, or other devices such as smart speakers/internet TVs, that do not allow you to provide both a username and password for connection. You may need to buy a USB cabel to connect your printer to your laptop/PC directly and for other devices you may be able to connect via the wired ethernet connection (possibly by buying an adapter). It is also not possible to connect your own wireless router to the College wired network.

In exceptional circumstances we can connect devices to the College private wifi network - please call in to the IT office to discuss your requirements.

Connecting to the wired network

For instructions on joining the wired network and for more detailed instructions for the wireless networks look at our guide for Connecting to the Internet.