Getting In Contact

The Lodge is staffed 24/7 by a friendly team of people. They can help you with emergencies, keys, post, directions, key contacts and more.

Please feel free to contact the Lodge by phone or email instead of a visit to the Lodge. You should all have a keyring containing the contact details for the Lodge and other teams. If you do not have one – contact the Lodge.

Additional wellness information can be found on your room keyrings.

Email: lodge@lmh.ox.ac.uk, Tel: 01865 274300

You will also need to wear a face covering if you enter the Lodge.

Keys and Fobs

You must keep your keys and fob with you at all times. Your room should be locked when you are not inside. If you lose your keys or lock yourself out you will be asked to identify yourself in some way in order for us to establish that we are providing access to the correct person/room. Please try to remember your room number.


The Lodge is staffed 24/7/365. This should be your first contact in any emergency. If you have called an ambulance – please let the Lodge know immediately so that we can meet it at the gates and escort the first responders to your location.

Tel: 999

Tel: 01865 274300, Email: lodge@lmh.ox.ac.uk

Fire Alarms

Our fire alarms are very sensitive and can often be triggered by deodorant or hairspray, hair dryers or even steam from the shower. Keep your pod door closed while you are showering, and avoid using aerosols near the smoke detectors. Fire alarms will be tested on Monday afternoons, and will sound for 10 to 20 seconds. Outside of this - if the fire alarm is triggered – you must evacuate through the closest fire exit.

Once evacuated stand with your household at least 2m away from any other households or individuals from your building. Evacuate but do not congregate in one large group.

The Lodge will respond and will not silence the alarm until they are certain that there is no danger. Do not re-enter the building until the Porter or the Fire Brigade tell you it is safe to do so.


We always have an overwhelming number of deliveries from Amazon and other companies at the beginning of term. This means a huge number of individual visits to the Lodge to collect items. If you need to order things from Amazon please do this before you arrive at LMH and bring them with you. During term time – instead of placing daily orders for things you need – try to save them up and place one order so that you can collect the items on one visit to the Lodge. Consider placing joint orders with others in your household so that things arrive in one box for one person, rather than six items for six individuals.

When collecting items from the Lodge – you MUST bring your University Card. We have a policy of asking everyone for their card – every time they collect a parcel. Your University Card sometimes referred to as Bodcard – along with your fob – are your forms of ID in college and should be with you at all times. We will ask for your card when you collect signed-for items at the Lodge, but you may be asked for it when collecting keys or at any other time. There are several hundred names and faces to remember – so having your card with you will help speed up the process. Please remember that face coverings along with screens at the Lodge may impede our ability to recognise you – or hear your name as clearly.


All bikes in college must display a numbered bike tag collected from the Lodge. Bikes must not be left leaning against walls or railings, and must be locked in a bike shed. Bikes found outside of these locations will be removed without further warning.

Reduce Number of Visits

The Lodge has many visitors throughout the day and so, while you are still welcome to collect post and parcels from the Lodge, or ask for directions etc, we would ask initially that you only make essential trips to the Lodge. If you are collecting post from your pigeonhole see if others in your household would like you to collect theirs at the same time. If you are collecting signed-for items on their behalf, they will need to email the Lodge to give permission.