Facilities & Gardens

Common Rooms

The College is made up of three common rooms:

Junior Common Room (JCR) - undergraduate members of the College

Middle Common Room (MCR) - graduate members of the College

Senior Common Room (SCR) - Fellows and other academic and senior administrative staff

'Common Room' refers both to the student/staff body and to a physical common room that is available for its members' use. Both the JCR and MCR organise activities for their members and have elected representatives who serve on College committees.



The College Bar is located on the lower ground floor of the Talbot building and is open 7-11pm, 5 nights per week (not Monday or Tuesday), from the Wednesday of 0th week to the Friday of 8th week. Questions and feedback about the bar should be directed to the JCR Bar Officer at jcr.bar@lmh.ox.ac.uk


Sports and Recreation Facilities

LMH has two full sizes tennis courts, a netball court and a football pitch on site which are available to book through the Porters' Lodge and the College Intranet. LMH also shares a boathouse on the Isis and a sports field with Trinity College situated on Marston Road.

We also have an indoor gym equipped with a rowing machine, running machine and weights. Membership is currently charged at £30 for the full year. To sign up to use the gym you first need to complete a short gym induction quiz and make the payment for your membership through UPAY. To enquire further about membership contact bursary@lmh.ox.ac.uk.

College members can also make use of our punts at a charge of £5 per hour per punt. Bookings are made through the Porters' Lodge and payment is accepted by card only.

Punts and tennis court slots can be booked on the Intranet.


Music and Drama Facilities

The College has several bookable spaces including Talbot Hall and the Old Library that can be booked for student use.  There are grand pianos that can be used in Talbot Hall, The Old Library and the Mary O'Brien Room.  These rooms can be booked on the Intranet for piano use.  There is a fine Steinway model 'B' grand piano in the Mary O'Brien Room; to be able to collect the key from the Porters lodge for this piano you must either be a current music student or have achieved Grade 8 on the piano.  You can have your name added to the list of eligible people by emailing bursary@lmh.ox.ac.uk 

Book a room on the Intranet.


Booking Rooms

LMH has a range of rooms of different sizes and styles that can be booked by students for group study sessions, music practice and society events. Availability, event guidelines and booking restrictions can be found on the Intranet. You can also complete a booking request form there which will be processed by the Bursary - please note that the booking is not confirmed until you receive and email from the Bursary, and we require at least 24 hours notice to process a booking. Our rooms are in high demand from students, Academic staff and commercial guests so it is best to book as far in advance as possible.

If you want to enquire about booking a room for a University society event or commercial purpose refer to the policy below and contact the Bursary in the first instance on bursary@lmh.ox.ac.uk:

  • You must be a current LMH student in order to book a College room
  • For LMH students, there will be no room hire fee for an LMH-only event
  • For LMH students who are President of a registered University club or society, there will be no room hire fee
  • A room hire fee will be applied for LMH students booking for a University society if they are not the President, no matter their position within the society Committee
  • For Oxford Student Union bookings there will be no room hire fee; however, the room must be booked through the JCR/MCR President


Chapel and Prayer Room

The chaplaincy of the College is run on ecumenical principles. Services are held in the Chapel during Full Term - you can find further details on the website, Chapel noticeboard and Chapel term-card. Everyone is welcome - members of all denominations, any religion, or none. You will find the College's Prayer Room on the ground floor of 1 Fyfield Road - this room is open to those of all faiths as a private location for personal reflection. 


College Gardens

The College's extensive gardens provide students, staff and visitors with a variety of beautiful spaces to enjoy. The College Gardeners work hard to care for the grounds and would appreciate your help in keeping them in good condition:

  • Please do not drop litter (including cigarette butts and plastic confetti)
  • Please abide by any temporary or permanent instruction signs


Student Storage

If you have any queries contact us at bursary@lmh.oxc.ac.uk.