What should I bring to College?

What we provide

Your room will include a bed, mattress, wardrobe or other storage, easy chair, desk, desk chair, desk lamp and curtains.

Utilities and heating are included in the accommodation charge.

Most rooms are fitted with an ethernet point and all have access to a wireless network.

Shared pantries are equipped with a fridge/freezer, cupboards, microwave, a hob and usually an oven and grill. They will also have kettles and toasters - it's best to wait and see what is already here before bringing your own appliances, or you could make a group purchase with your fellow residents.

Oxford City centre, just a short walk from LMH, has a great variety of shops, where you can buy basic supplies and homewares at a reasonable cost. The Jericho and Summertown areas of Oxford also have many charity shops which sell second-hand goods.

Students can also purchase a bedding pack from the College for £27 which includes a pillow with a pillowcase, a single duvet and cover and a bed sheet.


Do's and Don'ts

  • DO bring your own bedding and towels (duvet, sheets etc. suitable for a single bed)
  • DO bring any basic kitchen equipment that you want
  • DO bring photos, cushions etc. to personalise your room and make it feel like home
  • DON'T remove any furniture from your room, or bring in any additional furniture (including fridges), without permission from the Bursary
  • DON'T bring anything that is dangerous or could cause fire or other damage
  • DON'T use Blu-Tack or other damaging adhesives on the walls - use the noticeboards and picture rails provided, or try using paper tape and Command strips
  • DON'T bring a car, we have no provision for student parking