Your room

Help us to help you

The college’s accommodation is a fantastic asset and is very important to the students who live and work here. However, it’s inevitable with over 400 people living here that some damage is bound to occur.
To help us keep your rooms in good condition we’d like you to let us know about any issues with your study bedroom and communal areas as soon as possible either through or directly with the Housekeeping team via your Scout.  We can then put the problem right or schedule some remedial work later in the year. If problems go unreported they can get worse and repairs may have to be dealt with out of sequence or in a rush – the sooner you tell us, the sooner we can help. If we have to use more resources on such repairs the rents will end up necessarily higher too.


Bedroom Inventories

During the Academic Year the College conducts an inventory of all student bedrooms, to help us check that the correct furniture and fittings are provided and to record the condition of the room and its fixtures. Rooms will be routinely checked against this inventory in order to help us maintain and improve the standard of our accommodation; we will use this record as a comparison and if we notice that the room or its contents have deteriorated significantly beyond reasonable wear and tear then we may charge you what it costs us to put it right. 


Poster display

As well as reporting any problems with your room, we so also ask you to take care not to damage the room yourself or do anything which could cause deterioration beyond reasonable wear and tear. Damage from blu tak or other adhesives which materially worsens the state of walls will be considered to be unacceptable wear and tear – please use the noticeboards provided, or try alternative products such as Command Strips and paper tape