Waste, Water & Recycling

Waste management and recyling in College

At LMH we provide separated waste streams in all residential areas and offices, and we have dedicated facilities and contracts for the disposal of specialist waste. Your co-operation in providing separated landfill waste and clean recyclable waste will help to reduce our impact on the environment as well as the running costs of our accommodation.

All student bedrooms should have one black-lined bin for residual waste (anything that can't be recycled) and one green-lined bin for general recycling waste, with a sticker explaining what can and can't be recycled - you can also check this information in our Recycling Guide. You will find larger recycling and waste bins in your pantry along with a red-line bin for recycling glass and a food waste caddy.

At the self-clear stations in the Dining Hall you will see the same four options for disposing of your waste and recycling. To go the extra mile, why not take your food waste to our very own worm farm in the gardens!


Making a change for good

You won't see any disposable takeaway containers or cups in our Dining Hall, as the College made the decision to eliminate these a few years ago - this has helped us to save over 100 cups and 33 food containers from going to landfill each week! Last year we also stopped using disposable plastic containers for desserts and pre-packaged cakes. You can bring your own containers and cups to use if you want to purchase food and drink to take away with you, or you can buy re-usable containers and LMH KeepCups and Chilly's bottles directly from us. We provide reusable items as standard in the Hall and for events and now have water fountains installed in some accommodation blocks.

Our Housekeeping Team have also switched from using disposable to reusable cleaning cloths and products in reusable bottles, with 50-60% of products now re-fillable.

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Get involved!

The College regularly holds events and competitions to draw attention to issues around waste and invite waste saving ideas from the community, such as War on Waste screenings, inter-collegiate competitions and OxUnboxed pop-ups. Look out for more information from the Bursary and your JCR/MCR Green Reps about what is coming up this term.